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Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip


(38 customer reviews)

If you are giving a brownie delivery as a gift and would like a general selection or just can’t choose, opt for our Lucky Dip. We’ll include a selection of our most popular flavours that compliment beautifully – just tell us whether you’d like 12 brownies (3 flavours) or 24 brownies (6 flavours) and we will take care of the rest!

We will include a menu card with each delivery to let the recipient know which flavours they have received.

Please note this selection may contain nuts, is not vegan or gluten free.

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38 reviews for Lucky Dip

  1. Gillian Langford (verified owner)

    This was the 3rd time ordering from yourselves but the first time actually being able to taste your wears as my other orders went to friends. These were the tastiest brownies I think I have ever eaten!! Flavours were just wonderful and on top of that the packaging was also really special and my husband felt like he’d had a real treat on his birthday. Thank you again and I’m sure I’ll be ordering again soon. 10/10 would definitely recommend 👍👍

  2. Susan Gibson (verified owner)

    I bought the brownies as a gift so haven’t tasted myself but the recipients were delighted with them. They were beautifully packaged and arrived on time with good and accurate tracking info.

  3. Matthew Knight (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning! A tried and trusted company that never fail to deliver. We have sent these to a few friends as gifts and they have loved them. A great way to send love in these most challenging of times.

  4. Melanie Bloomfield (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 2 lucky dip boxes so far for surprise deliveries to friends. They have arrived on time and both families have said they were delicious, especially the salted caramel.
    I will have to place an order so I can try them too.
    Thanks Rachel. X

  5. Sandra Beckley (verified owner)

    Ordered lucky dip box of brownies for my son who had not been well and unfortunately I was unable to see him since July due to covid . These brownies were amazing . The salted caramel were the best he’d ever had . He shared with he’s flat mates who all have asked me about them so expect more orders. There was a slight hiccup with delivery but the service from Rachael was amazing . I cannot speak high enough of the brownies and the service . We will be ordering more so THANK YOUxx

  6. Allison Delort (verified owner)

    This is the third time that I have ordered these brownies as a gift for my daughter. She is studying in the UK and the brownies are now her favourite and a favourite shared in her hall of residence. The delivery is superb, always on time, and the quality of the product is beyond reproach. Thank you so much and I look forward to being able to travel back to the UK in better times and taste them for myself!

  7. Emma Bowdrey (verified owner)

    I ordered these Brownies as a Thank You for the amazing support and care given to my son at the Bristol NICU Ward after he was born at 31 weeks. Really there are no gifts or words that can thank them enough but I understand that the Brownies were well and truly appreciated and a great pick me up during a long shift.
    Not only were the Brownies delicious, but Racheal was fabulous at chasing up the delivery and ensuring that the midwife’s received their sweet treat. I would recommend Bear Brownies to anyone wanting to send a little something special.

  8. Maureen Byrne (verified owner)

    Well , your brownies were an absolute hit . Bonus was I ordered the evening before and they were delivered early next morning . I appreciate the quality and your service 👏👏

  9. Andrew Smith (verified owner)

    I bought the lucky dip box of brownies for a gift and we’re delivered on time. Our friends loved them and ate the box while watching the Bake Off final. They were every bit as good as the cakes produced on the show! I would definitely order them again, hopefully we’ll get to try them next time!

  10. Deborah Wiltshire (verified owner)

    Incredible! Awesome! Fabulous! Just the ticket for a daughter (and house mates) isolating at university after a housemate tested positive. Beautifully presented, arrived next day and lifted spirits all round. Reliably informed that they were ‘the best’ and that I am ‘the worlds best mum’ for sending them!!! More requested to celebrate recovery of housemate….

  11. Ray Huckett (verified owner)

    Quite simply, these are the best Brownies, that I and all my friends who raided the Lucky Dip box have ever tasted. All of the different flavours were a joy to sample, and I will be ordering again….soon!

  12. Deanna Cousins (verified owner)

    I bought these as a gift and they were very well received. I chose a box of Lucky Dips and was so impressed they arrived within 24hours. Will definitely be both using and recommending Bears Brownies in the future.

  13. Buddug Thomas (verified owner)

    I ordered the lucky dip brownies for my niece who was starting her first job. She was delighted with the surprise gift that came through the post and were the best brownies she had ever tasted 🥰
    Thank you for an excellent service.

  14. Marjorie Dowdell (verified owner)

    I bought these for a young man on his 30th birthday and he tells me they are the best brownies he has ever tasted, not that he saved me one!

  15. Amy Winch (verified owner)

    Bought a mix selection of 12 brownies for a friend. She said they were “THE BEST brownies she’d ever tasted” and lovely surprise to have them turn up at the door. She made it sound so good I had to try so ordered myself a box. Yum

  16. Ben Gaytten (verified owner)

    I am absolutely gutted with my order.
    It was my last day of work but I was working from home and couldn’t make it in so I ordered a box of 24 Lucky Dip Brownies to be delivered to the office as a goodbye gift.
    All I got for the rest of the day after they were delivered weren’t lovely goodbye, we’ll miss you emails but emails saying things like “Oh my god! These are the best brownies I’ve ever tasted!” or “Can you come back and then leave again so we can have more of these, they’re sooooo good!” and even “I’m kind of glad you’re leaving so we could get these delicious brownies.”

    So yeah, thanks Bears Brownies…

  17. Laura Nixon (verified owner)

    Bought these for my Nephew for his birthday , the Salted Caramel were the favourite. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Best Brownies I have ever had. ❤️

  18. Lavanya Kattan (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased the lucky dip twice and gotten the same delicious brownies both times. We ate them all within a few days and couldn’t get enough!

  19. Carolyn Griffith (verified owner)

    Great service, delivery on requested day. Happy customer

  20. Sophia Zaidi (verified owner)

    Have ordered this box three times for different occasions in the last couple of months. Each recipient have been thrilled. They have said they are delicious And beautifully presented. Each order was simple To carry out and I got accurate updates about the delivery. I would use this company again, and a lucky dip gives you a flavour of each Recommended by The bears brownies team themselves …where can you go wrong?!!!

  21. Lydia Fransham (verified owner)

    The brownies were a gift. They arrived on time and the recipient was delighted! She said that the packaging was lovely, and the brownies were delicious.

  22. Lacy Perfect (verified owner)

    I ordered a lucky dip on 2 different occasions after we received them and all 3 times they have been amazing i can not recommend them enough and the customer service is brilliant the packaging i just love everything about this company!!!

    Highly recommend!!!!

  23. AlexAndra Copley (verified owner)

    Ordered a Lucky Dip. Beautifully packaged Delivered as expected. They were a gift so didn’t taste myself but was told by the recipient that they were delicious.
    Would definitely order again.

  24. Andrew Riozzi (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely brownies. I’ve been bought them as presents and I have sent them as a gift to people, who have loved each and every one of them. They’re definitely the best that I have ever had.

  25. Emma Caudwel (verified owner)

    Order a number of these for friends & family, super reliable delivery and everyone loved them!

  26. Sarah Dunmore (verified owner)

    Well received by my sister in law for her lockdown birthday. Delivered in perfect time. They were delicious and the only problem was they didn’t last long enough!! Already ordered a 2nd box for my other sister in law as a start of maternity leave gift! Eagerly waiting an excuse to order my own stash ☺️

  27. Alison Kerry (verified owner)

    I ordered these for my partner’s birthday and he was so happy with them, so delicious, it was the perfect treat to accompany a lockdown birthday. The salted caramel brownies were amazing and it inspired us to find a similar recipe and make some ourselves. I would definitely order again in the future.

  28. Damon Wilson (verified owner)

    Great brownies and service, even delivered early during lockdown. The family loved them. Thanks!

  29. Catriona Macnair (verified owner)

    The Lucky Dip box has gone down a storm with the friends I’ve gifted it to! The pretzel ones were a particular hit with 2-3 households 🙂 Speedy delivery too, in spite of lockdown, which timed perfectly with my friend’s first day of mat leave. Lovely packaging and handwritten note. Would happily order again! Thank you!

  30. Emily Iveson (verified owner)

    Such great brownies, a perfect lockdown birthday gift for my friend! Delivered on time and very well packaged.

    Thank you so much!

  31. Serra Mukhtar (verified owner)

    I was looking for a nice gift to sweeten up my lovely friend’s lockdown birthday and Bear’s Brownies did exactly that. I was a bit concerned about delivery times with the current situation but I ordered it to be delivered on her birthday and it arrived perfectly on time. My friend absolutely loved it! She sent me a picture of the handwritten card, beautiful packaging and what was inside and told me how delicious they were. It took everything in me not to order one for myself… Would 100% recommend and will most definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

  32. Carrie Payne (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Bears Brownies looking for a birthday treat for my mother in law, and in these torrid times of corona virus lockdown I also wanted and Easter gift for a dear friend who is in isolation. Both recipients were completely blown away by their suprise deliveries which arrived on time and in excellent condition. Both recipients marvelled at the amazing flavours …. making me quite jealous that I had nit also ordered for myself! My mother in law managed to consume 12 brownies in just 2 days! She said they were so more-ish !

    Thank you so much to the team for doing such a brilliant job


  33. Angela Roberts (verified owner)

    I wanted to send my family an Easter treat as during these challenging times and not being able to get together as we would off. They were so very much well received and the feedback was simply delicious. With a personal message with them and arriving on the date as said. Just brilliant service and super yummy. Thank you

  34. Janet Weir (verified owner)

    Bought two boxes of lucky dips last week.One for a friend and another for my man.Both of whom due to social distancing I am unable to see or to taste the lovely brownies they received.
    Both delivered ontime as advised

    Two very happy people


  35. Susan White (verified owner)

    Bought these for my son for Easter. He’s been fighting on ‘the front line’ as a junior doctor so they were the perfect gift to say how much he’s loved and appreciated! They were totally delicious apparently and looked really nice in the photo of the box he sent

  36. Rachel Riach (verified owner)

    I have been fancying some brownies for a while and when I’ve had a go at making them myself they were not good. So during the current climate that we are in. I decided to look for some home made brownies that my family and I could all enjoy together.
    Thats when we came across Bears Brownies. They were just what I was looking for. Home made in a variety of flavours using fresh ingredients.
    Looking at all the different flavours we were struggling to make a decision so we decided to opt for pick and mix box of 24 brownies.
    All i can is that we were not disappointed. There was a good variety of choice and they were all packaged well. There was also a card telling us which each of the brownies were.
    I was so impressed and I will highly recommend Bears brownies to anybody who loves Brownies.
    To be honest I’ve already got another box of 24 currently being made to be sent out to us soon and I just can’t wait to receive them ❤❤
    Thanks Bears Brownies

  37. Jane Palmer (verified owner)

    Sent some of these Brownies to my Daughter for her birthday, they arrived as promised and were delicious and beautifully packed.

  38. Bev Thornton (verified owner)

    Decided on Bears Brownies as I liked the idea that they were firstly hand made, loved the ingredients used, range of flavour s available and also the fab packaging!
    First impressions are very important in my book.
    The Brownies arrived on time, with a hand written card for a friend of mines’ 30th Birthday, his first impression was ‘Wow’, he described the Brownies as superb!
    I would highly recommend these to anyone who loves Brownies, absolutely fantastic.

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